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'The Adam' Debut album on BLACK vinyl

Image of 'The Adam' Debut album on BLACK vinyl

£25.00 - On Sale

The long awaited debut album from Adam Olsson

The Unsigned Records 2023

Featuring 11 tracks. Here's the full tracklisting:

1. I AM
2. HIGH IN THE CITY (Feat. Lasse Storm)
3. CATHY (Feat. Lasse Storm)
4. I DON'T BELIEVE (Feat. Lasse Storm)
5. GERONIMO (Feat. Rasmus Littauer)
6. ANOTHER FIX (Feat. Lasse Storm)
8. PICTURES OF DEBBIE (Feat. Lasse Storm)
9. SET YOU FREE (Feat. Michel Belli)
10. AROUND (Feat. Lasse Storm)
11. NOW FOREVER (Feat. Henrik Lysgaard Madsen)